‘90 Percent German companies’ struggling to find qualified candidates

GernaN Universities struggling to find qualified Candidates

‘90 Percent German companies’ struggling to find qualified candidates

The German market has been facing unemployment for the past few years. A shortage of qualified candidates to fill various job roles across industries is increasing day by day. 90% of German companies have reported struggling to find candidates with necessary qualifications and skills to meet their workforce demands. Recent job hunting analysis shows that companies in Germany are struggling with a shortage of skilled workers, and hence seeing many positions go unfilled.


As per this study, 9 out of 10 companies are struggling to find the right people to fill their job openings. The representative survey included 10,000 respondents, among them 2,800 managers and HR professionals. Nearly 76 percent of those who answered the survey also said that their work was getting slower because they couldn’t find enough people to hire. People who work for the government also talked about how there aren’t enough staff members. Around 88 percent of them said that they were having trouble providing the things they usually offer, like products and services.

Benefits for Indian students

Indian students have the potential to reap several benefits from the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. This situation presents them with unique opportunities to advance their careers and personal growth. Here are some ways in which Indian students can tap into this scenario:

  • Graduates can extend their stay to seek employment and eventually apply for permanent residency.
  • Indian students can stay in Germany for up to 18 months after graduation to search for a job that matches their qualifications.
  • Indian students who secure a job in their field can easily transition to work-related visas, allowing them to stay and contribute to the German workforce.
  • Studying in Germany provides access to high-quality education and training.
  • Indian students can build valuable connections with professionals and potential employers in Germany
  • Due to the shortage of skilled workers, salaries in certain fields may be more competitive. This can lead to better earnings and career growth for Indian students who secure relevant jobs.
  • Students who have gained international exposure and experience can contribute to their home country’s development by applying the skills and knowledge they acquired in Germany.
  • The shortage of skilled workers means that there is a high demand for professionals in various fields such as engineering, technology, healthcare, and certain trades.

New hires are planned

German universities are planning new hiring from European countries. Indian students have a great chance to get this opportunity for a bright career.

  • German Universities are investing in training and skills programs for Indian students to bridge this gap.
  • Half of the government-related employers are gearing up to bring in fresh faces from European countries over the next three months.
  • Indian students can strategically choose courses that align with the skills in demand in Germany. Fields like engineering, IT, healthcare, and renewable energy have a shortage of qualified professionals.
  • Many Companies promote multiculturalism and offer language support for Indian students to immerse them in a diverse environment, improving their intercultural communication skills and expanding their networks.
  • German Universities are partnering with Indian educational institutions aiming to produce graduates who are better prepared for the workforce.
  • Additionally, German companies are expanding their search beyond traditional talent pools by considering candidates from different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Sectors like information technology, engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing are grappling with talent shortages. Indian students can fill these gaps by equipping themselves with the necessary qualifications.
  • Securing a job in Germany not only provides immediate benefits to indian students but also opens doors to long-term career growth and stability in a technologically advanced economy.
  • Indian students who gain experience in Germany bring back valuable skills and knowledge to their home country. This knowledge transfer can positively impact India’s economic growth.

Jobs Opportunities

Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Germany opens up a realm of promising job opportunities. With its world-renowned education system and strong emphasis on practical skills, graduates are well-equipped for diverse career paths.

Bachelors Courses in Germany include fields like engineering, business, and hospitality offers numerous job opportunities. Germany’s industrial sector provides roles in manufacturing, automotive, and technology. Additionally, graduates can explore roles in finance, marketing, and consulting, leveraging the country’s strong economy.
Master’s Course in Germany benefit from specialized knowledge, enhancing career prospects. Research and development roles within engineering, IT, and life sciences are prevalent. Business graduates find opportunities in top corporations and startups, often benefiting from post-study work visas.


The lack of enough skilled workers in Germany creates a special chance for Indian students. They can grab this opportunity to get a top-notch education, learn by doing, and make their dreams of global careers come true. By smartly matching their education and skills with what German employers need, Indian students can get lots of advantages. This will not only help them grow but also help the economies of both India and Germany.



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‘90 Percent German companies’ struggling to find qualified candidates
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