Complete Guidance about Arden University in Germany

Arden University in Germany

Complete Guidance about Arden University in Germany

Arden University in Germany was established in 2018, Originally established as Resource Development International (RDI) in 1990. Universities have been dedicated to providing career-focused degree courses to bright and ambitious students worldwide. Their centrally located campus offers high-quality education, equipped with essential services to enhance student’s learning experience.

The Arden University of Berlin,  mission is to provide a learning atmosphere, nurturing the next generation of responsible business leaders. They go beyond academics, encouraging the development of personal and professional skills while promoting values such as professional ethics, equal opportunities, and diversity appreciation. Berlin capital of Germany, boasts a thriving economy, rich cultural heritage, and career opportunities for international students.

Arden University in Germany recently opened a campus in Berlin’s international business district that provides a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and MBA courses with flexible timetables. This flexibility allows you to pursue job opportunities while studying. As a British institution, Arden University has study centers in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Berlin. Located in the startup capital of Europe, Berlin, Arden University offers courses taught by highly regarded professionals. The germany Arden University includes both local and international students.

Arden University in Germany provides access to innovative online platforms like iLearn, offering a rich collection of e-learning resources. Courses are taught in English, with optional German Language Courses and lessons, expanding job possibilities for students and graduates.

Benefits of Studying at Arden University:

  • Flexible Learning Options:
      • Choose between ‘Distance Learning’ and ‘Blended Learning.’
      • Online Learning allows studying at your place, anytime, anywhere.
      • Blended Learning combines online study with face-to-face sessions for additional support.
  • Career-Focused Courses:
      • Courses designed to enhance employability and advance careers.
      • Access to an online careers portal for interview preparation, CV building, and business skills development.
  • Cost-Effective Education:
  • City and Location Choices:
      • Study in major UK cities (Birmingham, London, Manchester) or Berlin.
      • Multiple study centers in London (Ealing, Tower Hill, Holborn).
      • Distance Learning option for those who prefer studying from home.
  • Comprehensive Support:
    • Full support online and on-site for students aged 18-80.
    • Non-standard entry considerations based on work experience and qualifications.
    • Support coordinator assigned from start to graduation, offering guidance at every step.

Economic opportunity

  • Germany is the capital of the world’s 4th largest economy.
  • Berlin is a major international center of commerce, business, academic research, tourism, and technology and automotive industries.

  Affordable Living

  • Living expenses in Berlin are much more affordable than in many other popular student destinations in Europe, such as London, Manchester, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Excellent Transport

  • Berlin has one of the best-connected and most affordable transport networks of any major city in the world.
  •  It is also an international hub for flight and rail travel across Europe and internationally.

Culture of the Arden University of Berlin

Unique Culture

Berlin is known worldwide as a major city of culture. Many young people, cultural entrepreneurs, and international artists settle in the city because of its reputation for supporting and investing in creativity and the arts. 

Home to over 150 museums, three opera houses, and 50 theatres, Berlin’s vibrant cultural scene has attracted art enthusiasts and students alike. You will struggle to get bored with the endless exhibitions, shows, events, and galleries available here.

Courses Provided by the Arden University of Berlin

This University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in many disciplines. You’ll get to know about the  Arden University germany fees and duration from the table given below:-

MSc in Project Management
1 Year
EUR 15000
MSc in Supply Chain Management and Logistics
1 Year
EUR 15000
MSc in IT Security Management
1 Year
EUR 15000
MSc in Strategic Digital Marketing
1 Year
EUR 15000
MSc in Cyber Security
1 Year
EUR 15000
BSc (Hons) Health and Care Management
3 Year
EUR 10500
BA (Hons) in Business Management (Tourism)
3 Year
EUR 10500
BA (Hons) in Business Management (Marketing)
3 Year
EUR 10500
BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance
3 Year
EUR 10500

Campus Placement of Arden University

There are dedicated career services available at the institution to help students access available job opportunities. Arden University comes with its dedicated online Careers platform where students may enter via learning, the virtual classroom. The portal comes with several career resources for students while helping them prepare for interviews and approaching prospective employers better. There are various case studies for students who are still undecided about their future careers. 

Career Opportunities at the Arden University of Berlin

The university helps students pursue master’s programs without paying any tuition costs upon completing their undergraduate degrees from the university. Eligibility for applying for an 18-month after-study program along with getting access to excellent job opportunities. Berlin has a high employment rate for graduates at 91%.


Arden University in Germany, established in 2018, builds on a rich history of providing career-focused education since 1990. With a mission to nurture responsible business leaders, the Berlin campus offers flexible learning options, cost-effective education, and comprehensive support. The university’s unique culture aligns with Berlin’s vibrant arts and cultural scene. Students benefit from affordable living, excellent transport, and a dedicated career services platform. Offering a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs, Arden University equips students for success in a globalized job market. With a high employment rate in Berlin, graduates enjoy access to promising career opportunities and a supportive alumni network.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Arden University, Berlin does not provide on-campus accommodation but offers support in finding suitable housing for international students.

Arden University offers various scholarships for international students based on merit and financial need, providing opportunities for financial assistance.

Eligibility criteria for undergraduate programs at Arden University typically include a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications.

Arden University offers a variety of programs in English, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, IT, healthcare, and more.

The acceptance rate for Arden University is not publicly disclosed, and admission decisions are based on individual application assessments.

Complete Guidance about Arden University in Germany
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