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YES Germany brings

together under one roof a wide range of international qualifications - professional and vocational - through its market research, advisory services, unparalleled market and student intelligence and best practice insights to its students. It offers International education support through qualified consultants who are living and working in Germany. Yes Germany offers interesting and innovative programmes blended with industrial experience and practical application that will appeal to the academic community as well as to a range of other sectors in the job market.


YES Germany offers

something for everyone - from high school students looking to enhance their academic profile to experienced practitioners who are seeking to focus on developing new skills, increasing their knowledge and keep up to date with developments within their particular areas of expertise. Yes Germany also assists those who are looking for qualification in India that can be used as a stepping stone or as a pathway to further access to the Study Abroad, as well as those who are looking to develop their skill set to enhance their career opportunities in today’s competitive global market.

Students Enrolling at YES Germany benefit from


A wide range of internationally recognized qualifications

German institutes of higher education are responsible for the recognition of foreign school qualifications. You will find all the information relevant to the recognition procedure here.

International faculty

Yes germany have qualified international faculty to foster your learning in germany. Students that are interested in pursuing their academic work in Germany will find here world class best faculty.

Personalized teaching through small class sizes

Preparing for German language courses via our practical, Intensive and flexible ELearning sessions

Customized training and learning opportunities

Our dedicated curriculum developers create learning programs to get the training you need to study & work more effectively in Germany.
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