1. “Agreement” will mean all the terms and conditions listed here in this Student Service Agreement.
2. “Firm” or “Entity “or “YG” mentioned elsewhere in this document shall mean YES Germany having its registered office at TB 09, Third Floor, Crown Plaza, Near Ajronda Metro Station, Neelam Chowk, Faridabad Haryana India 121007, its successors and permitted assigns. It also applies to associated entities – “Yes Deutschland” and “Yes Germany Chandigarh”
3. “Services” will mean counseling, admission services provided by the “Firm” or “Entity “or “YG” mentioned elsewhere in this document to the Student to help him/her gain entry or admission into education programmes abroad, more particularly in Germany.
4. “Student “or “Candidate” shall and their parent/guardian, as applicable mean any person who has registered with YES GERMANY for services under this agreement form.
5. “Institution(s)” or “University” shall mean any Language school, High School, University, College or Institute located outside India to which a Student applies or intends to apply and study.
6. “Fees” will mean funds collected by YES GERMANY from the student to cover the consultancy fee, services cost of administrative and material expenses including but not limited to human resources, intellectual and industry knowledge sharing, printing, copying and scanning of application documents as well as stationary and courier services used throughout the counseling process on behalf of the student.
7. “Package” will mean a group of Services offered in a sequential manner to Student to facilitate him/her gain entry or admission into education programmes abroad. Service packages are restricted based on Study destinations. YES GERMANY will arrange admission based on student’s profile and financial capacity.
8. “Pre-Counseling” will mean and include preliminary information delivered in person or through online medium to prospective student and/or their parents on the salient features to study abroad and future prospects, overview of services offered by YES GERMANY, terms, costs, guidelines before the student commits his engagement of service with the company”.
9. “Admission Service Fee / Second Installment” will mean funds collected by YES GERMANY to provide service to the student based on the applicable service package selected by the Student.
10. “Admission Visa Fees / Third Installment” will mean funds collected by YES GERMANY to provide service after admission regarding visa, accommodation and pick up at the airport of the Place of Study abroad based on the service package selected by the Candidate /Student.
11. “Registration Form” will mean a list of qualitative and quantitative information collected in the form of queries to understand logically student’s academic profile, financial capabilities, personal preference and Interest of study abroad to facilitate the counselors to understand Student’s profile to study abroad.

1. YES GERMANY will be responsible for providing counseling and admission services to Student intending to apply to Institutions to pursue their studies abroad.
2. YES GERMANY shall maintain the confidentiality of records, notes, and client information and disclose confidential information only with written consent from the student on a need-to-know basis. Any verbal  communication or telephonic discussion will not be entertained.
3. YES GERMANY Chandigarh and YES Deutschland are associates of YESGERMANY. All terms and conditions of YES Germany are equally applicable to YES Germany Chandigarh and YES Deutschland.
4. The validity, construction, and performances of terms and conditions herein will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the applicable Laws of Land in India and the policies as determined by YES GERMANY. Arbitrations/disputes of any nature arising at any point of time will be subject to the jurisdiction of Faridabad courts only.
5. If the candidate intends to get the process initiated with a Token amount, he/she shall invariably pay the remaining
balance of registration amount within 15 days of the date of deposit of token amount failing which his/her target semester will be the shifted to the next session.
6. The Candidate shall undertake not to engage in forgery, plagiarism or misrepresentation of documents or application content at any stage of the application process. This includes but not limited to essays, letters of recommendation, academic records, resumes and financial documentation.
7. If at any point in time forgery, plagiarism or misrepresentation is detected, YES GERMANY reserves the right to terminate the consultancy services immediately without assigning any reason and shall communicate to ’ target universities appropriately.
8. The Candidate will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided for processing his application. The Candidate shall also undertake to adhere to academic honesty and to behave ethically and professionally in all dealings with YES GERMANY. Any deviation of whatsoever nature will tantamount to termination of all services and his or her claim for any refund will not be entertained under any circumstances.
9. The Candidate agrees to be contacted by YES GERMANY or any of its associates over the phone or other modes of communication for information considered essential for the furtherance of the process.
10. The Student will not engage the services of any other consultants/agents for the purpose of gaining admission to Institutions in India or abroad during the course of agreement period without prior intimation to YES GERMANY and will relinquish his / her claim of whatsoever nature including but not limited to the cost incurred by him / her till reaching thus far.
11. The Policy adopted at YES GERMANY has been formulated with the sole objective of providing work environment based on ethics and encompasses sincerity, honesty, mutual respect as its core values where work culture is liberal, disciplined and safe for employees designated at different levels. Any kind of misconduct towards the Organization its workforce of dedicated team members (in person or over the phone or in any other mode including but not limited to digital media) is unacceptable and beyond tolerance. In case of any violation on whatever count, YES GERMANY reserves the right to terminate all services forthwith including calling off the admission provided or in the process and no claim for refund of the registration amount or any other additional expenses, including miscellaneous expenses incurred by the aspiring candidate, shall be entertained.
12. The candidates aspiring to study abroad and duly registered with YES GERMANY will at every point in time, have to maintain the sanctity and confidentiality of the Policies adopted by YES GERMANY. This includes, but is not limited to, presentations, forms, Institutional materials and lists of Institutions suggested by counselors of the organization associated with the processing of student’s application.
13. For the benefit of the Student, and consistency of information submitted, the Student agrees and undertakes not to submit any application to universities independently or contact the universities for further process. If so, the aspiring Student will have to inform and disclose all such details to YES GERMANY in writing. Non-disclosure of factual position in such matters can culminate in rejection of both the applications. On the contrary, Team at YES GERMANY might advise and assist such candidates in the due process of taking up their candidature to a college / Institution / University of their choice.
14. The candidate will have to adhere to all the deadlines stipulated by the Team at YES GERMANY relating to the admission process. Non-adherence to the aforesaid deadlines on any count will result in the rejection of his / her candidature for admission to the course of study abroad and he/she will be solely responsible for such a mishappening. No claim for refund of the expenses incurred thus far including Registration amount will be entertained subsequently.
15. The Company will handle applications on behalf of the student prior to and after submission to the Institutions. This includes application verification, ensuring the submission of required documentation, Coordination and follow up with the Institution regarding the status of the application and the candidate will be appropriately updated of the developments.
16. In some cases where the institution restricts any kind of representations, YES GERMANY will advise the candidate to communicate directly with the universities regarding the application process, /Visa process.
17. YES GERMANY will create a new email address at its own end on behalf of the aspiring candidate for its exclusive use in the entire admission process that will NOT be shared with the candidate.
18. The aspiring candidate agrees and authorizes YES GERMANY and its Team members with no limitations, to share his / her information within the Colleges / Institutions / Universities abroad and its associates as well as its representatives and government authorities.
19. The Student agrees and authorizes YES GERMANY to store all hard photocopies of the documents, photos and digital documents tendered by him/her to YES GERMANY for the due process of admission.
20. In case of any loss or theft of documents, photocopies or digital documents, YES GERMANY will not be held responsible for any misuse thereof at a later date. However, the aspiring candidate will be informed suitably in all such cases.
21. Aspiring Students under the age of 18, lack many legal rights and need special support. The Company understands the special needs of minor Students and provides appropriate services. The Student’s Parents / Natural Guardians / Guardian appointed by Court will be kept posted of all the stages of the admission process through email, correspondence, etc. Emanating between YES GERMANY and the minor Student.
22. The aspiring Student understands and hereby concurs that even if YES GERMANY provides necessary guidance relating to standardized testing, he/she remains responsible for registering for and completing required tests prior to the relevant deadline.
23. YES GERMANY will reply to emails within 5 workings days. In case of delay, the candidate will be at liberty to contact over phone / through email. Working hours are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Leave aside working hours, emergency calls, depending upon the gravity of the purpose, will be suitably addressed at the first available opportunity.
24. YES GERMANY will provide information to Student regarding the Student visa process but neither assists with immigration or permanent residency status nor does it support candidates / Students who wish to go abroad for purposes other than pursuing an educational programme of their area of interest.
25. Services provided under this agreement are not transferable to any other candidate or person, whether belonging to his / her family or closely related / associated due to religious or other bonding’s unless mutually agreed / accepted between / by the candidate relinquishing his / her claim in favour of the prospective candidate on one hand and YES GERMANY on the other in writing, subject to certain terms and conditions as determined by YES GERMANY.
26. The premises at YES GERMANY is under CCTV surveillance and it reserves the right to record the conversations/proceedings, if any.
27. Health issues of the candidate / Student have to be mentioned at the time of registration. Any information at a later stage will be difficult to incorporate in the services provided by YES GERMANY.
28. Any modification/alteration in the rules and regulations governing the admission process by Government of India or Government of the State Abroad (Germany) with respect to admission or visa will be applicable to the candidate / Student in its entirety and the student is bound by such a statute
29. Any change in the Admission process of university or change in the fee structure of the College / Institution / University abroad, YES GERMANY will not be responsible for the change and the candidate / Student will have to bear the consequences of any such changes.
30. Once a package is identified and signed-up, the choice of the candidate/student is restricted to upgrade the package only and not vice-versa subject to the concurrence of YES GERMANY.
31. In case student identifies the need for a change of the service package after completing the signing-up process or at any time during the counseling process, a request for a change in the package with appropriate details and documents should be raised to the assigned counselor for consideration. The final approval will rest at the sole discretion of YES GERMANY and might attract additional service fee.
32. The aspiring candidate / Student should clearly understand that any changes made to the counseling package even with exceptional approval from YES GERMANY, will have financial implications including but not limited to increase in the service fees charged by YES GERMANY and no claim, under any circumstances, for refund of differential amount in his / her favor will be entertained subsequently.
33. Any instance of dishonor of cheque(s) tendered in lieu of services availed, will attract levy of penal charges by YES GERMANY including applicable bank charges and other handling charges as decided by YES GERMANY and the counseling services will be put on hold until all previous dues are cleared by the Candidate / Student.
34. Counseling will mean written discussion via Email ONLY between the student and the counselor, about the information provided by the student in the Questionnaire and beyond to better understand the student’s requirements and provide directional support with the systematic process, information and assist the student with the process.
35. No telephonic conversations, What’s-app or Facebook conversations with YES GERMANY or any of its Team Members will be accepted, in case of new requirement please re-register or inform the company via Email Only.
36. The registration amount does not cover payments to third parties for fees relating to embassy fee, document attestation fee, if any, attestation charges by Notary and Embassy, travel expenses, etc. And such costs will be borne by the candidate / Student himself/herself.
37. YES GERMANY facilitates grant of Education Loan to the aspiring candidate/student based on fulfillment of the terms and conditions as stipulated by the financing Bank / Institution. However, the lending Bank / Institution reserves the right to sanction/reject the loan application and that its decision in the matter would be final and binding on the candidate / student. Processing Charges, if any, received by such financing Bank / Institution will not be refundable
38. If a student wants to take IELTS or German Classes at YES GERMANY, he/she has to pay for these courses and the applicable service charges are exclusive of the charges for counseling services.

ADMISSION TERMS (if included in Package selected):

1. After registration, the Students have to provide all necessary documents for the admission. In case of any missing document or delay in submitting the documents to YES GERMANY, the latter will not be responsible for any rejection subsequently. In case of any alternate document provided, the final decision for acceptance/rejection of such document is at the university
level and YES GERMANY cannot influence the decision of the university.
2. Registration amount charged by YES GERMANY includes the creation of a portfolio, the filing of the application, documents, University application fee, courier charges.
3. The company will not justify any expenses done in completing the documentation process and no request for justification thereof will be entertained at any point of time during the counseling process.
4. Application documents and university application will NOT be shared with the Students. At the time of closure of any counseling process, necessary documents for students will only be shared. All acceptance and rejections will be shared.
5. Documents are to be attested by an official notary and limited numbers, not limited number, in case of Bachelor and Master, YES GERMANY needs additional documents in the German language which call for attestation by German Embassy. Expenses incurred in connection with the attestation process and delivery to YES GERMANY will be borne by the candidate / Students only. If a candidate is specific about the course of study and university of his / her choice, then he/she may have to give a limited number of documents.
6. Company reserves the right to limit the number of Universities included in the search process for students who do not meet minimum academic standards as demonstrated by standardized test scores and official transcripts. In general, the Company applies to multiple universities to get better results. The candidate/student to please clarify well in advance to the counsellor at the time of registration.
7. The Company will not assist with a physical presence for any process with Embassy or seeking a loan from Banks and other personal services.
8. Guaranteed admission or assured admission will be provided based on the profile of the student and as per the requirements of the course of study.
9. While the Registration amount is non-refundable, YES GERMANY will not charge further in case the admission to the course of Interest does not materialize.
10. Students are welcome to share their preference list with us. But YES GERMANY does not guarantee him/her to get them admitted in any particular college or preferred college/University or city.
11. The students have to accept admission as per his written course choices which he/she mentions at the time of registration.
12. For German medium courses, Admission letter will be issued directly by the concerned university and mentioned as a conditional letter.
13. If the student changes his/her choice of course of study at any later stage after registration, YES GERMANY cannot guarantee the admission to the renewed choice of course and financial implications associated with such a change will include additional service charges and that no claim for refund of the registration amount tendered earlier will be entertained.
14. The Company focuses on the courses of study and not the university. So if the Student gets admission in course of his / her choice but didn’t choose that university, the candidate / Student is liable to pay the complete counselling fee.
15. In case the candidate / Student accepts the admission as a backup plan and wants to wait for other admissions, to continue waiting for the other admission, he/she has to pay the second installment of fees to YES GERMANY and Post-dated cheque for the third installment.
16. The Student has to choose the course content, campus details, duration and terms of the university (Including fees and the
deadline to submit the fees)himself/herself. YES GERMANY will not pay university fees on behalf of the candidate/student.
17. Payment of the second installment defines the confirmation of admission as per the Student preferences.
18. The Student will confirm the acceptance of admission within 3 working days. For additional days, if required to decide, the Student has to contact YES GERMANY in writing through email ONLY. YES GERMANY, If possible and in consultation with the University, will provide additional days, subject to final decision of the university.
19. The Student will be free to accept multiple admissions and hold a maximum of three admissions for a maximum period of two weeks. However, at the time of visa, he/she will have to choose single admission. YES GERMANY does not give the time frame of two weeks in each and every case as some Universities insist on the confirmation as per their requirements and time and that is binding both for the student and YES GERMANY.
20. The Student can reject the admission but ONLY with a valid logical reason. Personal reasons like location, family preference, University preference, and university ranking will not be accepted.
21. Any condition or terms of the university which the candidate / Student has to follow for admission is to be taken care of by him / her ONLY.
22. Documents once submitted by the Student will not be returned.

VISA TERMS (if included in Package selected):
1. The Student has to fulfill all the visa requirements mentioned in the German Embassy official webpage. The embassy can ask any document apart from the required documents mentioned in the Embassy webpage.
2. The Finance Cost involves, a deposit of approximately 9000 Euros upfront (subject to change as per the German Embassy) by the candidate/student in his/her own blocked account which is mandatory. (9000 Euros = 7-8 lacs depends on exchange rate).
3. The Company will assist in opening the blocked account during the admission process. It’ is advisable to open the blocked account well in advance.
4. Additionally, the candidate / Student has to submit a proof of financial stability by showing Fixed deposits, property papers in the name of his Parent / Guardian, sponsorship or/and relative supporting documents. The probability of visa acceptance is low in the absence of the above financial support.
5. The Student will get approval from YES GERMANY for health insurance, blocked account, finance documents, etc. before finalization.
6. YES GERMANY is not responsible if a student fails to arrange his financial documents for opening of Blocked account and Visa.
7. Visa fee, the Student has to pay and provide the DD for an amount, as prescribed by the Embassy, to the Embassy as mentioned in their webpage and submit proof thereof in confirmation to YES GERMANY.
8. Visa appointment date will be intimidated by YES GERMANY as per the date provided by the embassy. YES GERMANY will not be responsible for any delay in appointment dates or changes in appointment dates.
9. The Student will provide all required documents within 2 weeks before VISA interview dates. YES GERMANY will assist the Student in arranging the required documents.
10. Visa file should be ready and submitted to YES GERMANY for validation one week before the visa appointment. Multiple mock-up interview sessions will be planned for the Students.
11. VISA decision is invariably the prerogative of the German Embassy.
12. In case of visa rejection, YES GERMANY will not charge the third installment. Registration amount and second installment tendered by the candidate/student till such time, are non-refundable.
13. In case of visa rejection, YES GERMANY will contact the university for a fee refund. Depending on University rules and regulations, the concerned university will refund the amount received by them directly to the candidate / Student.
14. The Student can apply multiple times for a visa. The Company will assist the Student.
15. Visa process can take from 4 – 8 weeks or longer, if any, depends on the Embassy. The Student is not allowed to contact or write an email directly to the Embassy without informing YES GERMANY.

ACCOMMODATION TERMS (if included in Package selected):
1. YES GERMANY will provide accommodation as per German standards.
2. Accommodation can be in a university hostel, private hostel or apartment based on the availability.
3. In case no accommodation is arranged, YES GERMANY will provide maximum one-week temporary accommodation in a youth hostel or hotel or private apartment. For this, the student has to inform about the admission confirmation well in advance so that YES GERMANY can look for the accommodation as early as possible.
4. Maximum three accommodations will be given to the Student to choose and he/she has to choose within the same date as it’s not possible to reserve the accommodation. In such cases, the Student has to be pro-active.
5. Rent can vary from 300 – 600 Euros depending on the city, availability, furniture and fixtures, location, etc.
6. Normally one-month advance rent and security deposit money have to be transferred to the hostel or to the house owned by the Student.
7. The Company will check the rental agreement but final decision and validation of accommodation have to be done by the Student.
8. In case of non-availability of rooms, no personal preferences (size, location, rent, facilities) will be accepted. The Student
has to choose from given options.
9. Before entering the room, the Student has to check the existing damages in the hostel room, kitchen, bathrooms etc. and inform
the hostel/room owner or manager via Email with pictures and YES GERMANY too.
10. Any damage afterward in the hostel room or utility area etc. will ONLY be borne by the Student.
11. YES GERMANY will not guarantee that female student will get accommodation only with females. It’s normal in Germany to have co-hostels.
12. YES GERMANY is not responsible to get accommodation at University/ Institute campus.

AFTER VISA TERMS (if included in Package selected):

1. After visa acceptance, the Student has to provide third and final instalment in 5 working days, failing which post-dated cheques deposited earlier will be used in case of any delay.
2. Flight tickets have to be booked only after written confirmation by YES GERMANY. otherwise, Airport pickup cannot be confirmed.
3. The Student has to read all the information from the pre-departure training book.
4. An intercultural training to give some highlights of German culture will be provided to the Student.
5. Written feedback or a video on services is required by the Student and parents in any preferred language.

SERVICES ABROAD (if included in Package selected):
1. YES GERMANY will arrange a pickup at the Airport in Germany.
2. YES GERMANY will assist the student to reach the accommodation arranged. The Student has to bear all his/her travel expenses in Germany from the Airport.
3. YES GERMANY will connect the Student to parents to confirm the landing and reaching the accommodation.
4. YES GERMANY will not be responsible for any flight, train or baggage delay/misplacement.
5. YES GERMANY will assist the Student verbally in the processes in Germany like city registration, bank account, university registration, etc. But the company will not provide a personal appearance to do these processes. The Student has to do these processes by himself or herself with the guidance and assistance from YES GERMANY.
6. The Student has to be independent and confident to do such processes. It’s normal for the Student and parents to feel lonely. YES GERMANY will not provide any friends to communicate in such case.
7. YES GERMANY will do the process for Studienkolleg and University admission application. Language course, university fee, Studienkolleg fee or application process fee in Germany will be paid by the Student.
8. The student has to pay the application and examination fee in Germany. The Student will provide attested language certificates which he/she will get attested in Germany, to YES GERMANY.
9. For any new accommodation, the Student has to take care of himself/herself. After the student lands in Germany, YES GERMANY will give assistance for a maximum of 2 weeks from then.
10. For Bachelors, YES GERMANY continues the services till the bachelor course starts. For accommodation in a new city, the student has to take care of his/her own.
11. It is the responsibility of the student to clear the examination in Germany like DSH test; YES GERMANY will not be responsible in case of any failure. For any other assistance, the Students can contact YES GERMANY later on via Email.
12. If the student does not attend classes regularly at the university or the candidate creates a problem during his/her stay in Germany, the university and institute will present the candidate before the immigration authorities. In such cases the residence permit or the visa of the candidate may be declared invalid and candidate may be deported from Germany on the occurrence of such an event, no liability of any nature will accrue unto YES GERMANY.
13. The tuition fee (if any) of the university will be payable by the candidate in advance and the same is refunded by university/institute only in case of visa refusal.
14. The candidate should be aware that he/she is going to Germany for studies and will be bound by the law, rules, and regulations laid down for candidate visa by the department of justice, Government of Germany.
15. The student declares that no proceedings as to registration of first information report (FIR) involving criminal offense/ consequences have ever been initiated / likely to be initiated against him/her and that he/she has not been charged with or convicted for any criminal offense in any jurisdiction including his/her home jurisdiction.


The Student hereby irrevocably grants YES GERMANY, and all subsidiaries, franchisees, and licensees permission to use his / her name and/or likeness and/or quotation (“the quotation”) provided by him/her, as follows:
1. YES GERMANY will own the still photographs, audio and/or video footage in which I appear, and the words spoken in the video footage, and have the unrestricted right to publish said photographs and use such video and quotations in any YES marketing and promotional materials, on its Web site, and in any other material form, and will have the right to license
agents and other third parties to do the same – including, without limitation, for YES GERMANY- branded or identified sites and pages within Facebook, YouTube and similar internet destinations.
2. This grant is intended to be worldwide in scope and to apply to all media now existing or to be developed hereafter.
3. YES GERMANY may display the quotation provided by the student on its website, and in printed promotional materials for the purpose of promoting its programmes, products, and services, and may license to agents and third parties the right to make such uses on behalf of YES GERMANY.

Please write to YES GERMANY in case you have other preferences or need a change in terms and conditions.

For complete information on Terms & Conditions, please feel free to write an email at:

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