Best Universities In Frankfurt For Indian Students

Universities In Frankfurt

Best Universities In Frankfurt For Indian Students

Germany is a diverse country and home to several prestigious universities attracting students from around the world, including a growing number of Indian students. Universities in Frankfurt offer high-quality education, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a multicultural environment, Frankfurt is not just a financial hub but a haven for seekers of knowledge.

With over 440,000 international students in top German universities, Frankfurt’s institutions shine brightly. Embracing education as a right, not a commodity, these institutions propel economic prosperity. Aspiring scholars can explore public and private universities, each offering a unique academic journey. The city’s international appeal extends beyond education, making it a prime destination for diverse experiences.



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Why Study in Frankfurt?

  • Frankfurt’s central location in Germany ensures easy accessibility from all corners of the country. The city, surrounded by lush green highlands, offers a serene environment, providing a unique and enriching study experience.
  • Beyond its modern skyline, Frankfurt is renowned for providing high-quality education. The city facilitates career advancement and personal success through scholarships and minimal tuition fees, making it an ideal destination for ambitious students.
  • International students can seamlessly balance work and study commitments. Opportunities abound, from waiting tables to supporting professors, offering a chance for practical experience while pursuing academic goals.
  • Boasting Europe’s largest airport and one of the busiest train stations, Frankfurt is a global hub. Its extensive network of highways facilitates easy travel to and from different parts of Europe, enhancing the overall student experience.
  • Frankfurt earns its reputation as one of the safest cities globally. Students enjoy the freedom to explore even during late hours, fostering a secure and welcoming environment.
  • While not the cheapest city in Europe, Frankfurt’s reputation as a financial hub contributes to a higher cost of living. However, the overall affordability of study in Germany, especially when compared to the US, makes it an attractive option.
  • The University of Frankfurt stands out as a world-class institution, particularly in economics and German law. Substantial investments from Germany and local governments underscore the commitment to enhancing its international prestige.
  • Frankfurt offers a vibrant cultural scene, with numerous concerts, theaters, and cultural venues. The city’s cleanliness and abundant parks provide a healthy and culturally enriching backdrop for students.

Top universities in Frankfurt For Indian Students

Frankfurt, Germany’s financial powerhouse, is also a thriving hub for higher education. Home to renowned public and private universities, it offers international students, including Indians, diverse academic opportunities and a vibrant cosmopolitan experience.

Goethe University Frankfurt

1. Goethe University Frankfurt:

  • Goethe University Frankfurt is a public university, the largest and most prestigious in Frankfurt with diverse courses like Law, Economics, Finance, Medicine, Psychology, Humanities, and Natural Sciences. 
  • Research focus, international atmosphere, historical significance.
  • Indian Students: 400+.
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

2. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences:

  • Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is a Public university focused on practical applications that offer courses like Engineering, Computer Science, Media, Design and Business Administration has strong industry connections, career-oriented programs, practical project work, and smaller class sizes.
  • Indian Students: 350+.
Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts

3. Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts:

  • Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts is a public university renowned for artistic excellence and Famous for courses like Music, Dance, Drama, Music Education, Composition and provides Intensive training, an international reputation, performance opportunities, alumni network.
  • Indian Students: 50+.
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management:

4. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management:

  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is one of the top private universities with Strong industry connections, practical learning, alumni network, and global focus, and provides a plethora of degrees like Master’s and PhD programs in Finance, Economics, Public Policy, and Management.
  • Indian Students: 200+

How much does it cost to study in Frankfurt?

Cost of Study in Frankfurt

Semester Fee:

  • Average cost: €59.6

Study Material:

  • Cost range: €10 – 100
  • Average cost: €33

Total Monthly Expenses:

  • Cost range: €559.6 – €1258.6
  • Average cost: €808.34/867.34
Student Accommodation in Germany

Cost of living in Frankfurt


  • Cost range: €200 – 500
  • Average cost: €328

Food, Clothing, Other:

  • Cost range: €285 – 517
  • Average cost: €384

Health Insurance:

  • Cost range: €0 – 84
  • Average cost: €0/62.74

Frequently Asked Questions:

Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, and the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt are top choices offering diverse programs in English.

Yes, many programs at these universities are offered in English, making them accessible for international students, including those from India.

Tuition fees vary, but Goethe University Frankfurt, for example, has an average tuition cost of €369 per semester for international students.

Yes, some universities and organizations offer scholarships to international students, including Indians, based on academic achievements and other criteria.

Yes, Frankfurt provides a unique combination of academic brilliance, job opportunities, and cultural experiences, making it a rewarding decision for many.

Best Universities In Frankfurt For Indian Students
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