A1 Level German Language

Learning German language for beginners
German language for beginners

German Language A1 Online Course

Welcome to YES Germany’s German Language A1 Online Course! This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the German language, specifically tailored for beginners. Whether you’re looking to learn German for Study, travel, work, or personal enrichment, this course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

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Course Content:

In our German A1 course, you’ll master the fundamentals of the German language. Topics include:

• Alphabets counting
• Vocabularies – Hobbys/Profession/Relationship
• Helping verbs
• Regular/irregular verbs
• Modal verbs – 7
• Separable verbs – 20
• W-Fragen/ Ja-nein fragen.
• Simple past tense – had/was
• Conjunction – 5
• Prepositions
• Article
• Past participle 2

How long does it take to complete an A1 German course?

German Language

The duration to complete an A1 German course typically varies depending on various factors such as the intensity of the course, the learner’s prior language skills, and the teaching methodology. Generally, an A1 level course, which is the beginner’s level, can take anywhere from 60 hours of instruction. This can span over several weeks or months, with classes held regularly, whether daily, weekly, or in intensive sessions. Some learners may progress more quickly if they have a knack for language learning or if they have previous experience with Germanic languages. 

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Student Testimonial

I arrived in Germany knowing no German. YES Germany's structured online course of A1 to B2 helped me achieve fluency and finally hold conversations with ease and the help of their patient instructors, Thank you for making the journey fun and effective


Joining YES Germany's German program was the best decision. Their lessons took me from basic greetings (A1) to confidently navigating everyday situations (B2) within a year. Highly recommended!


I enrolled in YES Germany with minimal German knowledge (A1). Their dedicated teachers and well-designed curriculum helped me progress through A2, B1, and finally reach B2 proficiency. Now, I can confidently communicate in German and connect with the local community.


Starting at A1, YES Germany's expert instructors guided me through each language level (A2, B1, B2) with personalized attention and engaging activities. Their support made learning German enjoyable and rewarding.

Anurag Singh

Thanks to YES Germany and the German teacher Nicole helped me improve German language skills from beginner (A1) to confident (B2). Their diverse teaching methods and focus on practical application made learning German engaging and effective.


I am incredibly grateful to YES Germany for helping me master German, from the introductory A1 level to now comfortably having conversations at the B2 level. Their structured approach and supportive instructors made even complex grammar points clear and engaging.

Aditi Patil

Their A1 to B2 German program exceeded my expectations. YES Germany's interactive classes and dedicated teachers helped me build a strong foundation and progress through each level confidently. Now, I feel very comfortable to use German in daily life.


German Language A1 Course FAQs

This course is ideal for complete beginners with no prior knowledge of German.

By the end of the A1 course, you’ll be able to:
* Introduce yourself and others.
* Greet people in different situations.
* Ask and answer simple questions about yourself and others.
* Use basic phrases to express needs and make requests.

The time to complete an A1 course typically takes between 60 hours of study.

You’ll learn essential vocabulary for everyday life, including:
* Numbers
* Colors
* Greetings
* Family members
* Common objects
* Food items
* Basic verbs

The A1 course focuses on basic sentence structure and using verbs in the present tense.

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