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It might sound like a generalization, but it’s a fact that Germans prioritize insurance for almost everything. The insurance system in Germany provides a diverse range of options to safeguard your well-being, including household, liability, accident, travel, and life insurance. For foreigners residing in Germany, there’s also the option to acquire repatriation insurance.

While you may not find the need to utilize all of these insurances, this guide aims to introduce you to the various types of insurance you should be aware of and highlights why they could be crucial for your peace of mind.

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Statutory health insurance in Germany is your gateway to the German healthcare system, with hospitals and doctors offering the highest quality medical care.

Whether you’re looking for information on expat health insurance in Germany or student health insurance in Germany, our website is designed to highlight the most relevant information for you.

At TK, we believe health insurance in Germany should be easy. That’s why we’ve created helpful content that explains the German healthcare system in simple words.

Public health insurance in Germany guarantees your financial security and peace of mind in the event of illness. Your family members can also benefit from free family insurance in Germany. When it comes to healthcare in Germany, you’re in safe hands with TK.

Our most common Insurance-related questions and answers.


Yes. TK covers you for all medically necessary healthcare services and treatments. This includes healthcare at doctors, specialists, approved therapists, hospitals, basic dental care, prescription medication and more. If you need healthcare, there is always a service or treatment available to you.

Your personal ID for medical services. The e-health card displays or stores all necessary information about your health insurance and emergency data – so that you can be treated easily and safely. At the doctor’s practice or hospital, the e-health card is scanned and all necessary medical services are billed directly to BARMER.

Yes, when the prescription is pink or yellow. BARMER covers all medication that doctors prescribe as medically necessary. Prescriptions come in the colours pink, blue, green and sometimes yellow. The colour determines who will pay for the medication and how long the prescription is valid. Pink prescriptions are covered by public health insurance and are mostly valid for 28 days. Yellow prescriptions are covered, too, but are only valid for 7 days. Green and blue prescriptions are not covered. In Germany, statutory co-payments between 5 and 10 euro per package are charged for medication on pink or yellow prescriptions.

It’s easy. The BARMER Doctor Finder helps you to find doctors anywhere in Germany.

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