CEO – Dr. Gagan Syal

Dr.-Ing. Gagan Syal

Founder and CEO at YES Germany

Dr.-Ing. Gagan Syal, Founder and CEO at YES Germany, has worked 10+ years at Mercedes-Benz Germany. He did his MS and PhD (KIT) from Germany. He gives lectures at German Universities like KIT Karlsruhe, RUB Bochum etc. and Indian Universities like DTU Delhi, NIT Jaipur etc.

Dr.-Ing. Gagan Syal, who completed and excelled in his academia as an engineer  in Germany and landed to his dream job destination at Mercedes-Benz Germany and become  Senior Program Manager at Mercedes-Benz India and Germany, he has 13+ years of International Automotive experience of which 8+ years was at Mercedes-Benz R&D Germany. He completed his PhD from KIT Karlsruhe Germany, and now he is into Expert Talks and also takes Industrial lectures at KIT Karlsruhe and RUHR University Bochum Germany and NIT Jaipur, Delhi Technical University Delhi India.
Dr.-Ing. Gagan Syal is now Founder and CEO at Yes Germany, where he and his entire expertise team guides the students who aspire to study in Germany, and becomes a light bearer to them who aim at excellence in their life following their academic career.

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study in germany - yes germany certificates

Top 20 Successful Entrepreneurs of the year 2021-22 revealed by Fame Finders

Fame Finders Media has honored these eminent personalities in a recent Virtual Event and has announced Dr. Ing- Gagan Syal  as one of the top successful entrepreneurs. 

About Book

The Book Which is written by Our Founder Of YES Germany, Indian Curry With German Beer.

Dr.-Ing. Gagan Syal’s life and journey at Germany was not sweet as sugar,  it was a clear Roller Coaster ride, start from the normal Indian moving to another country for higher studies to the living and roaming there in Germany, the entire journey holds different  story which is worth knowing, the same thought glitched the mind and Dr.Ing. Gagan Syal  penned down his entire experiences he had during his life in Germany, and published a book named “Indian Curry With German Beer”  Life Between Indian –German Culture in 2016. He was at the Frankfurt Airport where he read a line that inspired him to break the ice. It said, “If you don’t find a right book, it’s your duty to write one.”

The book includes his entire life experience from the education to culture to people to life style to food and travelling. It is about real intercultural incidents that Dr.G faced in Germany. All these incidents are illustrated as short stories. In which each story is not less than a movie segment. The challenges he faced, the shocks he absorbed, the fun he had, the friends he made, and much more. The book contains golden rules and tips for an Indian in Germany as well as for a German in India. This Book is to understand, feel, learn and enjoy the German culture. It is a handbook for Indian employees, business partners, students, travelers and visitors in Germany. If you are one of them this books is a must read to you.

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