FAQ’s about study in Germany

Frequently Asked

The Government of Germany provides free education in Germany in some public universities to the eligible students. As the government of Germany do not consider education for commercial purpose.

Visa is something that any person would require to enter into other country, so to study in Germany, the student will also require a student visa exclusively according to the course and study field they are choosing for.

Germany is a vast country and most in demand country when comes in delivering education to both their nationals and foreigners as well, so there is a increasing demand in people preferring to pursue their education in Germany, there are number of courses which might be brand new for the aspiring students, and there rely a lot of complications when applying for higher studies anywhere in universities in Germany, so it is always safe to apply through a reliable agency, who have direct contact and authorization from Germany itself.

The requirements vary from bachelor degree to masters degree, the terms and conditions for bachelors in Germany and masters in Germany varies drastically, according to the students preference and according to the profile and based on the choice they make about the courses, the student are made aware about the requirements accordingly regarding study in Germany.

Although certain public university in Germany provides education free of cost, but there are certain procedures that demand certain amount to be paid for semester wise enrollment and administration which varies from Bachelor degree to Masters in Germany, and varies depending on the universities and the courses they opt for.

Germany being a different country has their native language that is German language, and when any foreigner wish to pursue their higher education from Germany, then knowing the language should not be a problem as there are number of universities that teach in English. Preferably learn German language, why to say no to the perks would be attained by knowing the German language.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test taken for certain purpose like study and job in Germany to prove your English language proficiency in order to apply for a Masters course in Germany. Whereas, IELTS test score is accepted by almost all the top universities in Germany. Tests have the same sections and similar testing styles.

If you hold a bachelor degree in English language, or you have done your schooling in English language, then you can apply in best universities in Germany without giving IELTS, native English speakers do not need to submit English proficiency test.

Students having gap year during their study years can apply if they are having genuine reason behind the gap time period. And then they can apply for best university in Germany, and even public universities in Germany.

Yes you can do part time jobs in Germany by continuing your study in Germany, colleges in Germany allow the students to do part time job for a limited time period. students do part time job while continuing their studies in Germany, for a limited time period. After completing with your studies you can also opt for job in Germany and also internship in Germany.

With the German Abitur or the German International Abitur you have direct access to Germany top universities; your school-leaving qualification is recognized as par with those in Germany.

International students always have an option for booking a hotel room or sharing flat, students also get the option of college or campus accommodation which is provided for limited number of international students. Cost of living in Germany, is quite affordable for the student studying in Germany.

A student earn an easy amount of money through which he/she can fulfill their day today needs and for that amount of money they are earning they do not need to pay the taxes for this. And this is legal. For this you might need to have knowledge about German language.

Germany along with providing one of the best education system across the globe, the student life is also satisfying, always try to make friends with Germans there in Germany, and that would be beneficial for making the life easier and efficient at the same time. And the rest the student life there in Germany is so satisfying, and education in Germany is also worth pursuing.

The usual documents you need for enrollment studying in Germany are:

  • Passport with visa or residence permit.
  • Passport photos.
  • Completed registration form.
  • Proof of higher education entrance qualification, either original certificates or officially certified copies and translations.

There might be many more requirements regarding your documents, contact the consultants of Yes Germany for complete update.

Admission in Germany top universities is based on high school grade point average (GPA) the higher your score, the greater the chances to be admitted to your dream university in Germany. To avoid not being admitted or any sort of rejections, because of course restrictions, it’s best to apply through a trustable agency to study in Germany.

For any unknown candidate about Germany it becomes little bit difficult when it comes in application and moreover getting accepted by the Germany top universities as per their intake criteria, so it is always good to take help from trustable agencies having direct link with best university in Germany to get the best intake results from the top German universities.

There are number of universities in Germany that teach the entire degree in English but still there are other universities which teach partially in English while the rest universities are absolutely taught in German language .Learn German so you get plus points.

Germany being very friendly nation to Indian students, students tends to get easily get involved with natives as compared to other countries. The study and the culture Germany is very much friendly to Indian students. Both the public universities in Germany and private universities in Germany both have turned out to be Indians friendly so far.

According to German norms there are number of best public Universities in Germany that offer free education in Germany even to the international students.

DAAD Scholarship is the scholarship provided by German government to the deserving international candidates to pursue their masters in Germany after completing their bachelor degree.

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