German SIM Card


As an international student in a foreign country, you certainly want to keep in touch with your friends and family back home, connect with new friends in Germany or share your experience online.

  • Easier to keep in touch with your friends & family.
  • Cheaper than international roaming.
  • Necessary for bank account opening and gym registration.


Get Connected in Germany

Germany sim cards and free EU roaming

Although Germany prepaid sim cards are not the best value for money for traveling in Europe, they at least all offer FREE EU ROAMING. That means with the sim card you buy in Germany you can use your data, voice and text allowance in every other European country, So if you travel onwards to roam, you can keep using the data on your German sim card at NO extra costs.

Prepaid vs Mobile Contracts

As in many countries, when it comes to choosing your mobile phone connection in Germany you have two options: a prepaid SIM card or a mobile phone contract. Prepaid SIMs are generally the quickest and easiest way to get yourself a working phone number without the commitment of a contract. They’re also a great option if you just need a quick and simple way to make calls, send text messages, and use mobile data.

The alternative to signing up for a German SIM card is taking out a mobile phone contract. This will typically mean you end up paying less for calls, texts, and data, especially if you use your phone a lot. This can be a great option if you’re planning on staying in Germany for a while as contracts tend to be 12 or, more commonly, 24 months. Contracts can also be a good choice if you’re thinking about getting the latest smartphone.

German SIM cards

Prepaid SIM cards in Germany provide more freedom than lengthy mobile phone contracts but are typically more expensive when calling, messaging, or using mobile data. This makes them a good option if you don’t use your phone much, or you’re only staying in Germany for a short time. However, since 2017, German law has required anyone buying a prepaid SIM card to provide a valid ID and proof of address in Germany (via your registration certificate/Meldebescheinigung).

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