How Difficult is German as Compared to other Foreign Languages?

How Difficult is German as Compared to other Foreign Languages?

Every new language seems difficult to be learned at start. German also falls into this category with its endless amount of pronouns, specific vocabulary and unfamiliarly harsh pronunciation to memorise.

For people who speak English, it won’t be that difficult as about 40% of German words are a minimum of familiar to English words with an equivalent meaning.
Secondly, English and German stem from an equivalent language family, so approximately 80% of common English phrases are of German origin also.

German has a Standardised Form of Learning

To simplify the language rules, In 1996, German was officially standardized whichmade the spelling of words more uniform and predictable. The guidelines were revised in 2005. From then new spelling rules were allowed that are now taught in schools across Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

German words are too long Spelling Are More Structured in German

The trick to mastering longer words is watching the words they’re made from. In English, we frequently use an area or a hyphen between the 2 parts that structure a word but in German, all parts together spelled together. This also means combining two German words together to form one up often works.

The German language has far more rigid rules for spelling than those in English. Once you’ve learned the standard pronunciation rules, you will be able to use German language words correctly.

German pronunciation is harsh and Germans Are More Likely to Correct You When You’re Wrong

German pronunciation seems difficult. In fact, German is one among the few languages where pronunciation is sensible. Moreover there’s a stereotype that Germans are rude. Germans are upfront, blunt and get straight to the point. German grammar is complex and can get frustrating sometimes, it can probably take some time to master. It is More Complicated to Read and Write German, than it is to Speak it. Most learners struggle with grammatical cases (to be fair, they will be a pain even for native speakers).


German in the written form generally uses the simple past tense but while speaking, generally present perfect tense is used. People will still understand you, and that’s the most goal within the beginning, isn’t it?
So, is German really that difficult to learn?
With many straightforward rules, German isn’t actually as hard to find out as most of the people think.

And since English and German stem from an equivalent language family, you would possibly be surprised at the items you choose up without even trying!
And on top of it all, it’s definitely it is quiet useful also. With about 130 million speakers, German is that the 11th most speech within the world. To learn German language all you need to do is to find a good German language classes. So don’t wait, just go for it.

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How Difficult is German as Compared to other Foreign Languages?
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