How to Apply for Bachelors Degree in Germany

how to apply for bachelors

How To Apply For Bachelors Degree in Germany

Bachelor’s study programs in Germany have the unmatched popularity that 35% of all international students enrolled at German universities are seeking a Bachelor degree. A German bachelor degree equips you with a strong theoretical and practical understanding of your professional field that opens doors toward your future career and academic pathway. This article basically throws light on How to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany?

Follow these steps given, to get an answer on: How to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany?

Choose the University and the Bachelor program

First, decide which bachelor’s program at what university is ideal for you that you would like to study. There are a lot of study programs and universities available for international students covering a wide range of subjects. The selection of a program of course depends upon the professional and academic goals but location of the university and course contents should also be kept in mind before making a final choice.

Check the requirements

Once you have decided to seek a degree in a specific Bachelor program you must look out for the entry requirements. The university website must be visited to get the proper and correct details as most universities have a website with a particular section explaining application requirements in detail. The requirements vary from one university to another. These are the major requirements in most universities for applying for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany:

  • High School qualifications
  • Your grades from previous education
  • Entrance Qualification
  • German language proficiency
  • Motivation letter or references (optional)
  • Copies of ID documents

Learn the German language

Most of the Bachelor programs are taught in the German language at German universities. Therefore, in order to get a seat, you need to show expertise in the German language by submitting a German language standardized test.

There are only a few universities that may be exempt from this golden rule and give admission based on the condition that you will learn German language before starting the regular course. We would advise you to pursue the course from your home country to save money. You can contact YES Germany, for best offers on German language courses.

Prepare financial means

It is required that you have enough financial means to study in Germany to handle the cost of studying and living. The minimum amount of €8,640 is required in a blocked bank account for getting a student visa. 

As this is a lot of money, it is advised that you start saving money at least four to six months before student visa application. You can check out for scholarships and student education loan facilities beforehand.  You can check this out from YES Germany, which is one of the best “study in Germany education consultants”.

Submit application and Wait for the admission letter

Most of the German universities accept the online application through the platform of If you don’t find your university on this platform then check out on its website for steps to apply.  As German universities collect a large number of applications so the processing of applications takes time. If your application has some missing document, it can also cause admission delays.

Get health insurance

Health insurance in Germany is mandatory for international students. You can choose either public or private health insurance.

Get a student visa

International students must get a visa to study in Germany. You should start the Visa process at least three months before commencing your studies to get your Visa without any delay. 

If you are still confused and have queries about studying abroad then YES Germany is the right place for you. YES Germany has more than a decade’s experience in sending candidates to Germany for education and work. YES Germany is a proud official representative of more than 50 German universities. What more to ask, all the representatives are friendly and supportive enough to answer and counsel you.

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How to Apply for Bachelors Degree in Germany

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