How to Study in Germany For Free

How to study in Germany from india

How to study In Germany for free

Germany is a home for many world famous universities whose degrees are valued world-wide. Germany is the country in Europe with a number of best universities. Germany is a great place to get a first-rate education. German Universities offer a diverse range of study options for international students, qualitative education, practically oriented teaching system and friendly and safer environment. Germany is a home to world-known universities whose degrees are valued globally. Thus, Germany is the country that offers various benefits to the International students. Students from all over the world can study in Germany free of charge – without any tuition fees.

Higher education at public universities offering free education in Germany is purely a political decision by the government. Free study in Germany raises a question that, if tuition fee isn’t charged, does that mean the universities are not good? Answer is, though there is Free Education in Germany still the degrees from a German university are respected around the world and open many doors for a career. Choosing Germany for any course is obviously a good choice as in the international arena German universities and companies have excellent reputation. They are synonymous to quality, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Usually there aren’t any tuition fees at public universities, but “semester fee” or “administrative fee” is applicable which is a small amount around 300 – 400 euros for the whole semester. This amount also covers public transport tickets for your city and the surrounding areas. There are many scholarships available for foreign students in Germany by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which maintains an official scholarship database to search for suitable scholarship options, e.g. based on your country of origin.

Now let us see How to study in Germany for free?

Students can follow the following steps to study in Germany for free:

  • Select the Course
  • Select the University/College- preferably public university
  • Check Tuition Costs (if any applied)
  • Costs of accommodation
  • Apply online or in person
  • Get your German Student Visa
  • Taking off for Germany and start your student life

No worries for following these many steps on your own. There is a shortcut to get it done. Contact YES GERMANY, the best German education consultants, who can guide you and get everything done for you. They have expertise of over 14 years in this field. Moreover they are official representatives of more than 50 German Universities. Contact YES GERMANY today for a hassle free experience.

How to Study in Germany For Free
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