Life Of an Indian Student in Germany

Life of An Indian Student in Germany

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The world is full of opportunities for students who wish to study abroad. Indian students start looking towards pursuing their higher studies in foreign countries. In recent years, Germany has gained immense popularity among the student community. The country with its open-minded culture is inviting students from different parts of the world to study in Germany. Germany provides feasible living conditions to the students reaching here. It provides courses at no-cost tuition fees, quality education, work along the studies, better career opportunities, and many more. The students find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the country. The world leader in engineering, technology, and innovation attracts students in whooping numbers to lead their student life in the high-tech environment of its universities. One will have an amazing experience to dictate to others who might dream to fulfill their dream of studying abroad.

Study in Germany

Germany is the place where you can find universities with the latest curriculum, world-class infrastructure, and experienced faculty. It offers a plethora of courses ranging from mechanics, engineering, computer science, neuroscience, etc. the globally recognized degrees offer you the best placements in international and reputed organizations. The students can maximize their potential by working along with their studies. Germany offers a vibrant and multicultural lifestyle, living in which a student gets the feel of a home-like environment in a foreign country. Studying in Germany will help you build strong networks with your classmates and other students coming from different parts of the country. The faculty at the universities is ready to help the students to develop into responsible individuals. They with their experience and knowledge are available 24*7 to help with students’ queries and questions. Students can take up part-time jobs while studying to enhance their working capacity and have the chance to improve their skills.


One of the most talked about sectors in Germany is the Automobile Industry. This industry has given the world the most advanced and updated moving machines. The country invests a large part of its resources in the automobile industry. Many students come to Germany to pursue engineering courses in the country. The other courses that have been the hot options are Management, Computer Science, Maths, and humanities.  Engineering courses in Germany have become the most demanded field. Masters in Germany attracts 25% of international students which shows the popularity it has gained over the past years. Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, and Electrical Engineering are some of the most selected courses. The universities that offer specialized courses are the Technical University of Munich, RWTH AACHEN, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology which rank among the top 100 in almost every engineering specialization.

The other field that is popular among the student masses is management courses. The country is known to have the best business schools that prepare students for the organizational environment. The courses give students to work on projects, attend seminars, and go for industrial visits which prove to be helpful in their upcoming career life. The country provides full-time as well as executive programs in this arena. Mannheim University, Ludwig-Maximillian University, RWTH Aachen University, and the Technical University of Munich are among the best business schools in the country.

The field of humanities and social sciences has gained huge popularity. The country hosts the top 100 humanities college that offers updated curriculums and studies conducted in advanced environments. Large numbers of students are currently pursuing their studies in this field making it the top-rated courses offered by the German universities. the top raking university providing studies in the field are Humboldt University, Freie University Berlin, Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg, etc.

The field of maths and Computer science is placed high in selection for higher studies. The students who desire to learn the latest technology and developments in the field and sharpen their tech skills go into these courses. It is the field that provides them access to high-tech labs, computer stations, and innovations to be the mastermind behind the latest innovations. The universities are endowed with the latest technology and advancements to give the students the required skills and strengths to be ahead in their respective fields.


The cost of studying abroad generally depends on the location and course to be studied. The expenses paid usually include food, housing, traveling, and clothes. Generally, In comparison to other European countries, Germany is a cost-effective destination that is not too heavy on your pockets. Accommodation in Germany is relatively cheaper as compared to other foreign countries. Many universities also offer cost-free studies to their students.  This condition can alone make you take a sigh of relief in the matter of expenses. The country is also known to provide scholarships to deserving candidates. So, you can pursue your studies and live in the country at an affordable price. You can also manage to save a certain amount of money if you can do odd part-time jobs. The food expenses, bills, clothes, and entertainment all can come within your tailor-made budget. If you can manage these costs, you can just solely focus on your aims and aspirations. In terms of area, the south of Germany is more expensive than the northern part. Big cities such as Munich, Cologne, and Frankfurt may be found to be dearer but other cities like Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart, and Hamburg are the cheapest cities to live in.


Germany is known globally to provide its students with the best jobs in big reputed organizations. The country provides the highest standards of living, a diversified economy, and high-paying jobs. The country is home to many reputed companies that can you a great start to your career.  If you are the owner of great skills and capabilities, then this is the perfect destination to look for a job. You can find high-paying jobs across various sectors of the industry. The average salary offered by the industry ranges from 64000 pounds to 81000 pounds. This is just a preview of the salary figure. It can be higher depending on your education, experience, and type of company. With higher degrees and an increasing number of years working in the industry, you are eligible to take higher amounts. The salary is also affected by the size of the company.


There are certain steps to be followed before you apply for a job in Germany. First, you should be appropriately qualified for the job you are searching for. Your qualifications must be recognized and per the standards of the country. You can find jobs in the country by visiting websites that show the availability of jobs in the country. Through these websites, the availability of the job and you can make sure that you are the eligible candidate for the required post. When you have found the job, you have to write an application to the concerned company providing your academic details, work experience, and strengths. You must emphasize on the cover letter that can be a ticket to your success ladder. If you are thinking of working in Germany, you must apply for a German work visa. This visa is an official document that allows you to work in Germany without any obstacles. Obtaining a health insurance certificate is another important document to be furnished to the authorities to be eligible to work in Germany.


International students are allowed to work in Germany while they are pursuing their studies in the country. Although they are given a limited number of hours, still it becomes easy for the students to do work while studying at the university. A student is generally allowed to work for 20 hours per week. Working more than the allowed time limits is for the regular employees, as a result, they are not considered students. The rules are sterner if you have applied for a student language course. It means you can do the job in lecture-free periods and that too with permission from the federal Employment agency and the immigration office. A student can work more if the work placement is mandatory and is required by study regulations. You must keep in mind to abide by the rules of the country because violating the rules can affect your stay in the country.


To cover your medical expenses, you must have valid health insurance from a reputed insurance company. The country accepts health insurance for recognized companies only. The students who wish to work in Germany must provide a valid travel medical insurance document from a well-known company in the insurance sector. There are many insurance companies in India, Like HDFC Ergo Insurance Company, ICICI Lombard General insurance company, IFFCO Tokyo, Reliance general insurance, and many others whose documents are accepted by the country. You can go through the list provided on the websites to check for the other insurance companies’ approval status. When you decide to move to Germany, you have to register with the German authorities and start making contributions to the national insurance scheme. Once you have done all the formalities, you will receive the Health Insurance card which you must show while you go for the medical treatments.

Hope the article will solve your queries regarding Jobs in Germany and Accommodation in Germany. You can further clear your doubts on the university’s websites and other related internet pages. Best of Luck for your future endeavors!

Life Of an Indian Student in Germany
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