Common Myths About Studying in Germany

While thinking about studying in a foreign country the initial names are USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore. Lesser people know that living and studying in Germany for Indian students or as an international student is a bountiful of privileges. Be it quality education, world-famous educational institutions, mesmerizing landscapes or mind-blowing architecture Germany has it all. However, it’s not easy as it seems to be because there are always a few thorns with every rose. There are many things about Germany that people must have told you wrong.  Here in this article we want to clarify 6 common myths about studying in Germany.

Myth 1: Studying in Europe is expensive!

As compared to the value of Indian rupee the currency has more weightage thus it becomes costly to study and live in a European country especially when you have to exchange home country’s (Indian) currency to pay charges.

No because Tuition fee in most European Universities is not applicable, only a few charges like academic expenses and accommodation and food charges have to be paid. Moreover, scholarship options are also available. You can see from the portals of DAAD for the numerous courses and scholarship options and make a right choice for yourself.

Myth 2: There isn’t any support for international students in Germany!

There are many organizations which support international students in Germany. One may be available at your own university. Apart from this there are websites that have come up in association with the Embassy of India and German cities like Berlin which provide support at the time of crisis in foreign land. So you won’t feel left alone and there’s always a help for you in a country that doesn’t speak your language and has a different culture.

Myth 3: Studies in Germany take longer than usual to complete.

This common misconception might have been true in the past but now most universities have switched to the internationally recognized Bachelor/Master system, making it easier for students to have their degrees recognized overseas with a shorter period of about 3-4 semesters.

Myth 4: I can’t find a job in the future!

German qualifications are more valued throughout the world and their graduates (particularly in fields such as engineering and research) are highly sought after by top MNCs. So be it in Germany or any other country, you will be a top choice of recruiters with a German degree in hand.

Myth 5: Admission Limitation for Indian Students to Study in Germany

The Study in Germany does not come with any restrictions for nationalities, gender or quota basis etc. The only criterion for selection is academic excellence as documented by means of marksheets, publications, and patents. No quota or reservation system, Indian students Be Assured.

Myth 6: Would I need to learn a new language?

In today’s globalized world for getting a reputable job, what matters is the skill. Although English is widely used Language today, many people around the world especially Europeans, Chinese etc. are still not fluent with it. Furthermore, learning a new language becomes mandatory and this is always an asset to build up intercultural capability. Moreover, it develops deeper mutual understanding and lasting relationships at both the personal and professional level. So why not choose German, which is the world’s most politically and economically important language. One of the best German Language courses is available at Yes Germany’s Yes School of Languages. Just refer to more details on the website.

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