Technical University of Munich | Benefits | Courses | Scholarship


Technical University Of Munich | Benefits | Courses | Scholarship

Technical University of Munich (TUM) was based in 1868. It stands out for its exceptional academics and global recognition. TUM offers diverse undergraduate programs in fields like Architecture, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering. Graduate students can pursue Master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, and Automotive Engineering.

TUM has a rich history, founded by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It received the University of Excellence award and is considered the best university in Germany as of 2022. The university expanded with new departments, such as Computer Science in 1992 and TUM Asia in Singapore in 2002. Additional departments like Sport and Health Sciences and the School of Management were established in 2002. The university has 15 schools and departments, showcasing its commitment to diverse education and research.

Benefits Of Studying At The Technical University Of Munich

Choosing TUM not only guarantees a world-class education but also opens doors to a vibrant international community in Munich’s economic landscape.

Global Recognition: Technical University of Munich ranking among the world’s top universities, making its position in global education according to QS, THE, and US News & World Report.
Academic Excellence: As a public university in Germany, TUM offers top-quality education with over 60 English-taught courses to reduce language barriers internationally.
Job opportunity: TUM boasts an impressive employer reputation, and graduates are highly sought after in the job market, showcasing the university’s commitment to preparing students for successful careers.
International Support: TUM supports international students, including a global network of alumni and career support.
Munich’s Economic Hub: Studying in Munich means being in an economic hotspot. The city’s digital and eco-friendly infrastructure attracts major corporations and startups.

Courses At The Technical University Of Munich

1) Technical University Of Munich Bachelor Programs In English

  • B.A. Architecture:- An undergraduate degree program focusing on design, construction, and practice of architecture, preparing students for professional jobs.
  • B.Eng. Chemical Engineering:- Transformation of raw materials into useful products like medicines, fuels, and plastics, combining chemistry, physics, and math.
  • B.Sc.Mechanical Engineering:- In this program, you can learn how to bring robots to life, how to print medical implants in 3D, how to design wind power plants, and how to develop a Hyperloop, an autonomous driving vehicle, and exoskeletons.

2) Technical University Of Munich Master Programs

  • M.Sc. Automotive Engineering:- In automotive engineering students get a deeper knowledge of advanced vehicle design, development, and analysis, preparing them for careers in areas like autonomy and sustainable technologies.
  • M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics:- M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics merge engineering principles with physics to develop innovative medical technologies and improve the healthcare sector.
  • M.Sc.Neuroengineering:- This program combines neuroscience with engineering to understand, interact with, and even improve the nervous systems. It’s graduate design devices like brain computers and many more.

3) Technical University Of Munich MBA

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation:- An Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation blends management education with entrepreneurship training, equipping experienced professionals to lead & launch new ventures, often while still working.
  • M.Sc.Neuroengineering:- This program combines neuroscience with engineering to understand, interact with, and even improve the nervous systems. It’s graduate design devices like brain computers and many more.

Technical University Of Munich Scholarship For International Students

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) offers diverse scholarship opportunities for international students pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA programs. These scholarships range from full tuition coverage to living stipends, aiming to support talented and motivated students worldwide.

Scholarship Level Amount
TUM Scholarship (Bachelor’s & Master’s) €1,800 Per Semester
Free Tuition (Bachelor’s & Master’s) Full tuition waiver
Student Assistantships (Bachelor’s & Master’s) Varies
Education Future International Scholarship (Master’s) €12,000 Per Year
Jeff Schell Fellowships PhD Full tuition & living stipend

Technical University Of Munich Application Process

Steps to Apply to the Technical University of Munich:

  • Visit TUM’s application portal and create an accurate account with personal details.
  • Complete the online form, ensuring all fields are accurately filled.
  • Submit the required application fee through the portal.

Documents Required

Undergraduate: Graduate:
Completed Application Form Completed Application Form
High School Diploma/Certificate Bachelor’s Degree Certificate
Proof of English Proficiency Proof of English Proficiency
Passport/ID Document Passport/ID Document
Letter of Motivation Letter of Motivation
CV/Resume CV/Resume
Letters of Recommendation Letters of Recommendation


In conclusion, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a diverse range of programs with global recognition. With a rich history, commitment to international support, and a strong presence in Munich’s economic hub, TUM provides a world-class education, preparing students for successful careers in various fields. The scholarship opportunities further underscore TUM’s dedication to fostering talent and diversity.


Yes, TUM is a highly competitive university with an acceptance rate of around 8%. Strong academic performance, relevant experience, and English language proficiency are crucial.

Since English is used in some programs, the German language is mainly needed for social life and a bachelor’s degree. Proficiency tests may be required depending on the program.

TUM has no tuition fees for public programs for both national and international students, however, their semester fees cover administrative costs and public transport.

Yes, TUM does offer scholarships ranging from full tuition coverage to living stipends, aiming to support talented and motivated students from around the world.

TUM is one of the best universities for international students with endless job opportunities and graduates of TUM do not have to struggle.

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Technical University of Munich | Benefits | Courses | Scholarship
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