How to get jobs in Germany from India

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How to Get Jobs in Germany From India

Germany is a land of opportunities for students who want to excel in their career life. The country provides a wide range of job opportunities to candidates with the right qualifications. Germany is the largest economy in Europe and is placed number five in the world ranking. International students having advanced knowledge and skills can get high management positions in reputed organizations. People belonging to countries other than EU/EEA countries also get an extended work permit to search for a job in Germany after completing their studies. But the only obstacle they may face while searching for jobs in Germany is the knowledge of the German language. So at times, it becomes difficult for students to find jobs in a country where English is the only international language they know other than German.

The blog will help you find ways to how to get jobs in Germany from India.

Job Opportunities in Germany For Indians-High Paying Industries

Germany is the highest job provider country with an unemployment rate of 3.9%. So, Germany can offer you high-profile jobs if you are qualified and possess the relevant skills and knowledge. If you seek employment in Germany then you must apply for a job when you are studying at a university. If you have a degree from a German University, then you would find it easy to secure a job and adapt to the international environment. You can search for how to study Masters in Germany from India on German university’s website. The famous companies such as Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, Allianz, Bosch, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, with great reputation and popularity are present in the country. Here are the figures which show the approximate salaries(in lakhs) these companies offer to their employees:

  1.       Volkswagen              55,000
  2.       Daimler                      70,000
  3.       Allianz                         75000
  4.       BMW                            83000
  5.       Siemens                      81000
  6.       Bosch                           70000
  7.       Deutsche Telecom    97000

Moreover, SMEs contribute to 90% of business in Germany. They share two third of the job opportunities in the nation. The country welcomes deserving students to come and employ in the well-known companies of the nation.

Different Job Roles in Germany with Minimum Wages

The minimum wage that is prevalent in Germany since 1 January 2015 is 8.50 Euros per hour. This was increased in July 2021 to 9.60 Euros per hour. The year 2022 saw a further increase that brought minimum wages to 9.82 Euros per hour. The right to minimum wage applies to all workers employed in Germany. They may be foreign workers, seasonal workers, mini-job workers, or apprentices. If an international student in Germany possesses a German Student visa, he is entitled to work 120 full days or 240 half days. With this, they can earn a good amount to cover their expenses. Interns are also eligible for a minimum wage if they can fulfill the following conditions:

  •   The internship must be more than 3 months.
  •   It is a not university requirement.
  •   It is not an apprenticeship.
  •   The intern is not a volunteer.
  •   The country has some of the best industries that offer high salary packages to employees. 

Given below is the list of the firms that gives jobs in different positions with minimum wages: 

  1.       Legal                                  65,907
  2.       Engineering                      71134
  3.       Utilities                               71747
  4.       Medicine                           71169
  5.       Transport                          72020
  6.       IT                                         72582
  7.       Telecom                            72626
  8.       Consulting                        75956
  9.       Insurance                         82554
  10.   Banking and Finance        83371

 How to Find Jobs in Germany?

After graduating from a recognized university, the next step is to search a suitable job according to your qualifications. For a more profitable job, you can pursue higher studies. You can search for how to study Masters in Germany from India or consult German Education consultants for your query. If you have the desired qualifications and thinking of how to get jobs in Germany from India, you can easily explore jobs in Germany through job portals online. There are numerous factors that a candidate should keep in mind before they search for jobs in Germany. The various internet sites where the job vacancies are uploaded can be looked upon. You can search for jobs online on the following portals:

  • Expatica job
  • Federal Employment Agency
  • International Placement Service
  • Monster
  • Jobstairs
  • Jobooh
  • Kimeta
  • kununu, etc

English-speaking students can search for the required jobs in Germany on the online portals:

  • Craigslist
  • English Jobs
  • The Local
  • Top Language Jobs.

You can get your perfect job in Germany by searching on the prominent portals online.

The job markets in Germany provide direct appointments as well as apprenticeships and graduate schemes that include on-the-job training. German organizations emphasize the point that the employee should respect others and follow the rules of the company. They appreciate the workers who are well versed in the German Language. The yellow pages of Germany consist of all the relevant details about the recruitment agencies, from which you can find your dream job. You can also find the Federal Employer’s Association of Personnel Service Providers.

How Do I Prepare to Enter in Germany

If you are thinking of going to Germany, then the best way is either to pursue a study Masters program in germany or do a job in the country. You should update yourself on the following points:

  •   Obtain a degree necessary for pursuing a career.
  •   Draft a resume or CV with a cover letter.
  •   Have a Health insurance certificate with you.
  •   If possible pursue a German Language course that will help you to understand and communicate well in the country. German Language proficiency will help you converse well.
  •   The most promising option stay in Germany is to find a job in Germany. In this way, you can legally stay in Germany. You can apply for a job-seeker visa and can extend your stay up to 6 months. Graduates from non-EU countries can procure a Blue card for entrance to Germany.
  •   To be able to stay in Germany, you must have health insurance. If you plan to do the job only once then you can have ex-pat health insurance which is a temporary health insurance.
  •    Germans are the people who like to go by the rules. So you must apply for your visa timely to avoid waiting time. A blocked account is needed in case of student visas and job seeker visas.
  •    Try to arrange proper accommodation before leaving for the country. Look for short-term apartments to stay in for a short period.
  •   Do go through the registration process in advance through an appointment with concerned authorities.
  •   Search for the popular banks and have an account with one of them so that your employer can transfer your salary into the account.

Programs that Can Help You Build a Better Carrer in Germany

Germany is the place where the students get the state-of-the-art facilities to study their desired programs. They get a chance to get a widened knowledge base with international exposure. There is a large number of programs that would offer better career prospects in Germany. Dentistry, medicine, law, industrial engineering, natural sciences, IT, and information technology-related fields like masters in data science in germany or cyber security, business management, mathematics and computer science, architecture, and economics are some of the programs that promise rewarding careers in Germany. Besides this, several innovative courses will help you advance your prospects in the German job market while saving costs at the same time. For this you can consult German Education consultants in your area.


Given below are the documents that are needed by the candidates:

  • Work permit
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Social security card
  • Leaving certificate from the previous employer
  • Health insurance
  • Bank details for wage or salary transfer

Some other documents include the following: 

  • Gesundheitsbescheinigung- young candidates who would be doing a job for the very first time should have a Health certificate to get employment.
  • Schwerbehindertennachweis- it is to verify for any disability. 
  • Kindergeldbescheinigung- Certificate applicable only for Government employees to have child benefits. 
  • Gesundheitscheck- people who would work in the field of medicine or food products industry need a Health examination certificate. 
  • Unterlagen für vermögenswirksame Leistungen(VL)- this is a must if one has LBS-Bausparkonto account. It is to show funded payments
How to get jobs in Germany from India

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